Katie Boyce

Maid of Honor

Jane and Katie met at the stand-up comedy open mic Katie hosted in Rochester, New York. Jane originally thought Katie didn’t like her, but luckily, she was mistaken. This became clear when Katie shared some pizza logs with Jane at a comedy show they were on—a true sign of camaraderie. Their friendship quickly blossomed beyond the comedy scene. They share a love of baking, art, and weird things, like the Shrek Cinematic Universe and referring to stingrays as sea pancakes. Jane asked Katie to be her Maid of Honor using a clue-based puzzle box Jane and Brier made. It was National Treasure-themed, as an ode to one of Katie’s favorite movies. It even included a Declaration of Independence marked with an invisible ink Ottendorf Cipher. Jane is incredibly grateful for Katie’s endless love and support.

Owen Mitchell

Best Man

Brier and Owen met when Owen was a baby. At first, Brier thought that this guy might be a little too young to be his friend, but he stuck around and taught him the most important things in life: video games and staying up too late. Brier asked Owen to be his Best Man via a custom NES cartridge inspired by one of Owen’s favorite fandoms, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He loaded it with some nostalgic games they shared over the course of their childhood. Brier admires his little brother’s ability to march to the beat of his own drum and cherishes the time they get to spend together, which usually involves video games and staying up too late.

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